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Web-based media and its potential to change the Global Consciousness and halt dangerous climate change

We have the technology to deal with climate change, but it is a crisis of consciousness that we must now address.

People can change each others opinions using information and argument more than ever before. The potential of web-based communications between people may be able to deliver the revolution or revolutions, of consciousness that avoid us cutting the throats of the next generation. To quote Churchill:‘ The odds were great; our margins small; the stakes infinite.’
A great many people are going to make a great deal of money out of climate change because the business case for keeping yourself and your children is equal to the entire assets of consumers in aggregate.
Our cherished tradition of putting an ‘x’ on a piece of paper every 5 years is redundant. Democracy has been, at this crucial moment, usurped by events. Politicians cannot possibly respond to the climate crisis in time, but, the World economy can be turned on a dime through the voting power of the consumer.
Every dollar, pound or yen is a vote for the Corporation. I predict, with confidence, that giant new consumer movements will soon develop…but nobody yet knows how…..

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