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Like Button Mash up: inciteful and clever or scary and invasive?


I’m not sure whether this is fascinating and clever – or scary and invasive.

What is this?

The site’s description:

Like Button is a collection of links shared by your Facebook friends from most popular sites. For you privacy concerned people: don’t worry, like button has no access to your personal information. Think of each box as a very specific miniature Facebook page inside of this site.

I know it says there is no access to your personal information, but it’s my friends’ personal information that I seem to be focusing on, examining and investigating. Worse, if I am an admin in Facebook groups or ‘Fan’ pages, can I see what the various members ‘like’? Don’t get me wrong this is great, from a marketing perspective, and I love mash-ups, but it just makes me feel a tad uncomfortable. I guess it’s the fact that so often we ‘like’ things our friends post, or take interest in things that other friends have liked through our Facebook feeds – but these activities are done within what feels like the safe environs of Facebook, or in the context of an extended group of like-minded connected individuals.

This feels more public.

Beware what you like, the garden gate has now swung open.

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