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Inspiring Technologies – The sOccet

How brilliant is this?

It’s social and it involves cool technology. The sOccet is an amazing football (sorry, soccerball for US readers) created by Harvard engineering science students Jessica Lin, Jessica Matthews, Julia Silverman, and Hemali Thakkar (see below) which harvests the kinetic energy from when the ball is kicked or thrown. This energy stored in the internal battery can then be used to power lighting, mobile phones or transferred to other electrical devices.


According to the World Bank Millennium Goals Report, 2006, 95 percent of African countries live off-grid with no access to electricity. Families will no longer need to use unhealthy and expensive kerosene lamps or walk three hours to charge their cell phones, the only down side is who gets to take the ball home at the end of the game? This will clearly need more work within the communities working with schools, hospitals and churches, and apparently a recent trip to Kenya has also been beneficial in giving the team a better understanding of individual households’ needs.


“We’re currently in the prototyping stages, but this past summer we piloted a youth program in several areas of Durban, South Africa, and we just recently completed a study of soccer play in households in Nairobi, Kenya,”

“We also eventually plan to develop a high-end sOccket for purchase in the US and Europe.”

Currently the sOccet is still at the prototype stage but the team hopes to have a completed version that can be distributed by the end of this year.

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