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Things ain’t what they used to be

I thought I’d open my regular blog spot on Charity Mash with a nostalgia trip. I’ve been involved in online fundraising, campaigning and general non-profit geekery now for over 10 years so it’s time for some retrospection. But, don’t worry this is the first and last self-indulgent post, well, probably!

I remember my first ever online campaign for Amnesty International, a 40 second flash movie of a Spanish girl being tortured, all done in the best possible taste of course Myself and the copywriter spent a bizarre afternoon in a sound recording studio in London pretend torturing a female Spanish friend of his to get the sound effects. (yep I’ve suffered for my art ;-p)

Anyhoo it was deemed good enough to win a Gold DMA back in the day (actually the first ever awarded for what was called the electronic media category, bless!) Speaking of electronic media I learned the other day on an open trip bus tour of London that the electronic signage at Piccadilly Circus is 100 years old, I guess it looked very different back then but still electronic advertising 100 years old, go figure! That kinda inspired me to dig up a few other facts that may surprise and amuse or at least give you something to use to appear mildly intelligent at dinner parties (though perhaps only use one or two or you may start to veer in to Nerdland :-p)

  • Fact 1: The computer that was used to send the first rocket to the moon had less computing power than a Blackberry (the phone not the fruit, now that would be different!)
  • Fact 2: There were 328.8 million broadband subscribers globally at the end of the third quarter of 2007.
  • Fact 3: Facebook became the world’s most used Social Network in 2008. Facebook’s global user numbers have boomed from around 40 million monthly unique visitors in April, 2007 to 115 million unique monthly users in April 2008, with 62 million new users coming from outside the US.
  • Fact 4: The most used Social Network in India is Linkedin.
  • Fact 5: In 1998 no country other than Finland, had even one phone subscription for every two people. Today there are over 60 countries where mobile phone subscriptions exceed the total human population.

Finally, and I know this is potentially not so politically correct, but I have to confess to being somewhat amused by the whole notion that terrorists are all sitting in their caves in Afghanistan and surrounding areas, talking to each other on Facebook. First up, how the hell have they managed to get Broadband there when I can’t get it 40 mile outside London! And another thing, do they really think Mr Bin Laden’s got nothing better to do that to send Abu Hazam fish for his virtual aquarium?

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  1. Phoonsiri Says:

    Hi Alex-I am a friend of Laura and Harry’s in San Antonio. I was lkinoog at my FB page and saw a posting from Harry that was intriguing to me. I clicked on it and it was the story of your adventures at LV with Lulu. I smiled from ear to ear while reading. Anyway, I do not suffer from breast cancer nor do any of my loved ones, at this time, but that did not stop me from spending the last 45 minutes cruising through your website while at work, no less!I was inspired and had to let you know!Sincerely,Roxana Chumney Rosado

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