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Prince Charles on MySpace?

Following the launch of the Prince’s Rainforest Project  with the help of a YouTube video last week, he has this week broadcast an extended version aimed specifically at the Myspace audience.

He says: “One of the internet’s strengths is that it can enable diverse communities to come together to ensure that everybody’s views and actions can really be made to count. It provides the potential to create global determination for change on a vitally important issue.”

But whilst the video which appears on the Rainforest SOS site kicks off with big name stars like Daniel Craig, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford and Kermit the Frog – immediately grabbing viewers attention, communicating a message in a simple and direct way – this video (above) has a staggering 4 minute preamble by the Prince sitting, and explaining what the campaign is about and various facts about “tree absorbtion rates”, and why there is a rainforest frog in the video that we are about to watch…

Yes we get the Prince and frog joke, but this is MySpace, the 10 second attention-span crowd, or as some of the newspapers describe them, “large numbers of predominatly young people (who) exchange gossip, pictures and listen to music”.

This is actually a great opportunity to grab the attention of this audience with something incredibly important, but will they really sit and listen to the lecture first?

Lure the audience in with the celebs, then get them to sign up or act. If they want to find out more, or watch more footage of the future king in his study, then I’m pretty sure they will find a way.

The “premiere” which was this week at the National Geographic Store on London’s Regent Street, also features the Dalai Lama, Pele, Prince Harry and William, and err, Joss Stone.

Criticism aside, this is of course a great campaign for developing possible financial solutions to deforestation and building a political consensus for action, and at least he’s embracing a digital approach, but this blogger thinks they should think about their audience more.

Talk so that customers will listen and listen so that customers will talk.

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