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Honda Insight – Let It Shine Vimeo Experience



I guess it’s a tenuous link as the car is a hybrid, but the innovation and the digital “experience” aspect of this piece of advertising/ marketing is really worth a view. You may have seen the TV advert or the various YouTube incarnations – but this is different: A collaboration between Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for Honda Motor Europe and Vimeo themselves, this is, I think a treat. Just imagine what a stir a charity or NGO could make using these techniques…

In the same way that the Warrio Land You Tube Experience took everyone by storm last September, through sheer surprising innovation and effects, this gently lulls us into what feels like a more fuller somehow, rounded experience.

Click here to view.

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  1. Charity Donate Says:

    There are some great techniques in this campaign, problem is most charities dont have the funds to produce stuff like this

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