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Can Corporate Brands Benefit From Cause Marketing?

Tide Vintage T Shirts

Procter & Gamble brought together 40 digital media and agency executives and 100 of its North American marketing directors for Digerati, a contest to sell Tide T-shirts which aired largely over social media.

In addition to hitting the top 10 trending topics on Twitter for a brief moment, the four teams relied entirely on social media to sell more than 2,000 T-shirts at $20 apiece, spending only about $4,000 in the process. Executives from Google, Facebook, MySpace, Intuit, and other digital players raised $50,000 for the charity Feeding America, with an equal match from the Tide brand.

Besides charity, the goal of the evening was to expose P&G’s marketing directors to uses of social media that they hadn’t considered before, to build stronger ties with digital media and agencies, and to help recruit marketers to the company.

The campaign was obviously helped by the iconic design. The distinctive “target” logo was designed in the 1940s by Donald Deskey, a famous industrial and identity designer, and the detergent swiftly became  Proctor & Gamble’s biggest selling product.

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